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What is TakeOff Centre

TakeOff Centre is one of Takeoff Projects.
TakeOff Centre supports startups that have outstanding IT technology and business plans with the following.

Consulting support
Management, market trend surveys, and legal support.
IT technical support
Technical support such as AI, Search Engine, and Blockchain.
Support for the use of issued tokens
Mutual use between startups.

In principle, the screening standard are:

  1. Startup can make a prototype that can actually be used for customers by IEO (Main Sale), or about blockchain, cross chain and virtual currency platform technology, there is a design document
  2. There is a prospect that corporate value will be more than tens of millions of dollars
  3. The business is eco-friendly and maintains sustained growth.

The project we support is designed so that the added value of the project can be more than 20 times from the time of token sale within several years by a consultant who made grand-designs at large companies.

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Everyone’s dreams, all kinds of dreams,
Taking Off like a rocket.

These are the wishes put in the logo.


Next Initial Exchange Offering

Work MINE Vision

This project will provide four platforms. VisualEarth: Search Engine & SNS for local information, MINE jobs: Freelancing platform, MINE market: Digital content market place, MINE articles: Article media.

Especially, VisualEarth is a huge project!

VisualEarth is a search engine & SNS for local information, such as sightseeing spots, shops, and local news. You can learn everything up to little-known spots only the locals know, just like you are walking around town enjoying the atmosphere. Before taking a trip or moving to a new town, you can get a feel for the local atmosphere and what sort of shops and sightseeing spots are there from the town’s scenery. Even people who live in the community can learn about out-of-the-way shops and the products or menus they offer, rediscovering the charm of their community. If you follow a user who is familiar with the area, you can also get information on well-kept-secret places.

If VisualEarth is established as a site that can be used on a daily basis, it can become a social infrastructure.
Kindly read the whitepaper to see what features VisualEarth has, what premium services it offers, and what token economy it forms.

For more infomation, please take a look at thier project website.

Next Projects

Human Resource Matching Service

This project is a human resources matching service that uses AI to find talents needed by companies.

AI analyses data registered by people who are looking for work, and data made public by individuals, such as social media and blog posts, and source code. Securing excellent talent is essential for success in projects. Naturally, matching the rewards and skills alone is not enough in the present era when the values of individuals are diversifying. However, it is difficult to fully grasp the skills and the personality of each person just by looking at the resume or by having an interview with candidates. Also, candidates have difficulty grasping the company’s work environment and culture. In addition to registered data, this project analyses published data, visualizes actual results in a user-friendly manner, and presents them to companies. People searching for jobs can control how much information they publish for each company that has made offers. Also, it is possible to choose good work from among the recommended companies that match each characteristic and direction analysed by AI.

In the long term, this project will create good relationships satisfying both companies and workers, aiming to stabilize employment.

It is currently under development.

The Slide of the project is comming soon.

Market Analysis AI Platform

This project provides news and indicators that are expected to affect market overall, stock prices, and virtual currencies.

AI analyses news, social media, stock price, and virtual currency value fluctuations in real time. When important news or signs are detected, this service will notify you by the mobile app’s push notification or e-mail.

This system automatically trades by AI to maximize profits using API of exchanges (including TakeOff Exchange).

Not only natural language processing is applied to news and text on social media, but also machine learning is applied based on the impact of each news article on stock prices and virtual currency trends, leading to improved accuracy.

This project is an investment analysis tool. It does not anticipate purchasing advice on individual stocks or virtual currency or price movements of stock prices or virtual currencies.

Currently, AI to be incorporated in the prototype is under development.

Multiple Token Settlement Service

This project provides a system that allows customers to easily settle items and services with multiple tokens and virtual currency.

TakeOff tokens can be used to pay the service use fee of startups. However, immediate settlement or settlements of small amounts may be required depending on the services of the startups. At that time, TakeOff tokens issued on the Ethereum may become difficult to use in terms of settlement speed and settlement fee. Similar inconveniences will be encountered by businesses other than startups supported by the TakeOff Centre.

It is fascinating that next generation Ethereum technologies and payment systems integrating multiple blockchains like TenX are under development. We will decide whether to adapt optimal platform technologies or develop them independently while seeking realistic demands desired by startups or general business operators, and assessing the progress and technology of various blockchain projects.

In order to make multiple practical tokens that can be used for actual settlements, we plan to implement ICOs to develop our own platform and/or develop user-friendly interfaces.

It is currently under design.

Listed Projects

TakeOff Projects

TakeOff Projects are own projects, which include

  • TakeOff News Search
    Specialized Search Engine for investment-related information
  • TakeOff Centre
    Support for startups specialized in IT
  • TakeOff Exchange
    Decentralized Exchange +
    Decentralized Multi-Token Payment
These are ecosystem affect each other deeply through TKO token.

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TKO Token

Total Supply of Token20 billion TKO

TKO token is implemented as a utility token for service fees provided by startups supported by TakeOff Centre.

The more startups "takeoff" from TakeOff Centre, the more value TKO token gets.

The TKO token can be used in TakeOff News Search and TakeOff Exchange.

TKO token will be one of base assets on TakeOff Exchange.

Listed on

TKO with USD / BTC / ETH on P2PB2B the top 30 exchange with legal registration in EU.

Supporting IT Startups – p2pb2b Enlists TakeOff Token P2PB2B News
Trade TKO ($TKO)

TKO with USD / BTC / ETH on Alterdice.

Trade TKO ($TKO)

TakeOff's Business Model.

TakeOff provide investors with useful tools by TakeOff News Search. Connect investors and startups at TakeOff Centre. Provide a place for trading original tokens issued by startups at TakeOff Exchange.

Furthermore, startup’s services make mutual utilization of the original tokens via TakeOff Exchange Payment (Decentralized Multi-Token Payment), and increases the liquidity and the value of each token.

For more deitals, please cheack TKO token sale site, and read our whitepaper

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TakeOff Exchange Payment Image
TakeOff News Search on PC (Screenshot)

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